Saturday, March 2, 2013

Get Free Gift Cards with FeaturePoints

Introduction to Feature Points

Feature points is one of the best money making apps to date. If you are new to the money making app world , allow me to explain.

Feature Points is an easy to use everyday app that allows you to download free apps off of their offer wall and earn points from them. The points show up roughly after 30 seconds to a minute of use; However their are some that have special guidelines for receiving the points.

This app used to be limited to the ios devices but recently Feature points has crossed over to the Android side so now both devices can run this app.

Once you start using the app, you will earn enough points to redeem prizes from their prize wall and there is a little something for everyone!

Getting Started

iOS users only:
       1. visit the feature points website if you are on an iOS device such as an iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad.
       2. Click the sign-up button
            -If you use my referral code PAUHAU (in all caps) at the sign up (there is a section that says, "referral code if you were referred by anyone), you automatically get 50 free points for being referred. This way, we both get extra points for each others efforts.

       3. Install the profile to your iDevice (All this does is register your iOS device's UDID so it can credit your phone the points for the apps you download. It won't change any settings in your phone or compromise any personal data!)

       4. Add the site to your home screen. This makes it very easy to access rather than having to go through your safari browser all the time.

       5. ENJOY!

Android users only:
       1. Type the link: into your browsers url bar. (this should hopefully take you to the google play store)

       2. Install the Feature Points app to your android device

       3. Run the app once it's installed and follow the sign up instructions.

       4. Enjoy!

**NOTE: The 50 points won't show up until you download your first app and get credited for that download.

Cash Out

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The goal for this program is to try out new apps, and get points for doing so. With the points you earn there are apps that you can get free by spending your points. Above are examples of what can be found on the offer wall and yes you see it correctly, the last picture shows an iPad mini 16GB WiFi. you can in fact save up enough points to redeem an iPad mini! For the gift card enthusiast, you can redeem iTunes gift cards and amazon gift cards, and for those who just need money, they have paypal deposits. One thing to note however is you CANNOT get the money in cash so paypal is your best option. To access the rewards section, simply tap the "Rewards" tab. Once your on this page, just simply tap the prize you want (as long as you have the amount of points to get it) and follow the instructions. its really that simple!

If you are interested in doing this, my referral code is PAUHAU 

Some things to mention in case you were wondering:

-You can't transfer your points from device to device. They are linked to your device you signed up with and cannot be transferred. If you happen to restore your device for some reason on your idevice, all you have to do is re-install the profile and you'll get your points back. 

-Sometimes credits may take awhile to be added to your account, may require you to leave the app open longer than a minute, or may require you to go through any tutorials or sign ups depending on the app. (i personally havent run into this too often. Only once in a blue moon)

-For iDevice owners, you will need an iTunes account in order to download the apps.

-if you haven't downloaded any apps for more than 60 days, your points will expire and reset to 0.

-YOU CAN ONLY ENTER A REFERRAL CODE WHEN YOU SIGN UP!! If you don't use a referral code at sign up, you are unable to use a referral code after and your pretty much S.O.L.

-If you have an app that says pending and doesnt convert to points, you might have already downloaded that app before using this app which means you wont be able to get the points. 

Here is my YouTube video about FeaturePoints